Tipiak : Exquisitely French hand-finished canapés, macarons, pop éclairs and petits fours


Since being founded in 1967, Tipiak is a French company that has become known for its expertise, authenticity and the quality of its frozen canapés, éclairs, petits fours and gluten-free macarons.

All Tipiak products are prepared by chefs and pastry chefs who are experts in their field, in our manufacturing units in the West of France.

Each product is made with high quality and finely selected ingredients – then our exquisitely French canapés, macarons and petits fours are hand-finished to offer our customers a superior product.

All the breads used for our French canapés are prepared and baked in the factory by our own boulangers, before seafood, salmon, ham, various cheeses and vegetables are delicately placed on the products as part of the hand-finished toppings.

For our eye-catching pop éclairs, our pâtissiers decorate each with a generous fondant topping, sprinkled with chips of meringue, nougatine or chocolate lacing in bold and exciting style to complement the delicious, flavoured crème pâtissière fillings!

Tipiak has decades of experience in preparing exquisite products, so you don’t have to. Serve our hand-finished French canapés and pâtisserie at any event….they’re your perfect Partner.

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