Tipiak heart-shaped macarons perfect for romantic Valentine’s Day cocktails

Looking to romanticise your beverage menu this Valentine’s Day?

Tipiak’s heart-shaped macarons make the perfect addition to romantic Valentine’s Day cocktails.

Our newly launched heart-shaped macarons are gluten-free, meaning they are suitable for coeliac customers and those who avoid gluten too.

Each Tipiak French heart-shaped macarons selection features ten chocolate and ten strawberry macarons. Ideal flavours for Valentine’s Day!

Made to a traditional French recipe, they simply need defrosting in a refrigerator for two hours, plus 15 minutes at room temperature.

They make a super romantic gesture when serving cocktails this Valentine’s Day. Either add the heart-shaped macarons as a topping to the cocktail or serve on the side. Your guests are bound to love the romantic touch.

Just like all of Tipiak’s ‘thaw and serve’ macarons, they are available to the UK food service sector via frozen food distributor Central Foods.

With their smooth crisp shell and soft creamy filling, Tipiak’s macaron range includes the classic French macarons you know and love, as well as exciting flavours in the pop macaron fruits selection.

The heart-shaped macarons collection is the most recent selection added to the range available to the UK food service and catering sector.


As well as helping to romanticise cocktails, Tipiak’s heart-shaped macarons can also be added to cakes as decorations and toppings.

Or why not serve a heart-shaped macaron as an accompaniment to coffee or as part of an afternoon tea this Valentine’s Day?

Everyone likes a little romantic gesture. Tipiak’s ‘thaw and serve’ heart-shaped macarons are the ideal way for food service operators to add a romantic touch to their menus.

Not only are the heart-shaped macarons stunning to look at, they’re also delicious too – a truly lovely way to treat your customers this Valentine’s Day.

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