Events catering ideas from Tipiak

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As the new year gets under way, we have some events catering ideas from Tipiak to help with planning.

Food is generally a key part of any function, whether that’s a wedding, graduation, a summer ball or some other celebration. A buffet or a sit-down meal is a centre piece.

At Tipiak we have some great-tasting ‘thaw and serve’ products to make catering easy. We like to think of ourselves as the perfect partner in the professional kitchen.

Our range available to the UK foodservice sector via frozen food distributor Central Foods includes both sweet and savoury pâtisserie.

It features a variety of exquisitely French savoury canapés, some of which are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Plant-based dining has become so popular that some events are now making entire courses, like the hors d’oeuvres, vegan or vegetarian. This makes it easier for caterers.

Our Tipiak canapés selections are made with the finest ingredients, prepared by our expert bakers and cooks, and hand-finished. From weddings to awards, cocktail parties to conferences, we have a bite-sized delight to suit them all.

Choose from the Tipiak Vegan Cocktail Selection, the Provençal Bistro Canapés Vegetarian, the Traditional Chicago Canapés or the Luxury Temptation Canapés.

Sweet treats

Our events catering ideas from Tipiak also include a range of sweet treats such as petits fours, pop éclairs, and gluten-free macarons.

So simple to serve, they provide a delightful variety of authentic French products which are sure to go down well.

All our frozen pâtisserie for food service contains easy thawing instructions on the box. This helps professional chefs and kitchen staff to plan – making sure they serve products at their very best. As a guide, our savoury canapés, for example, take between two and four hours to defrost in the fridge.

We’ve been helping chefs and kitchen professionals cater for events for many years. Whether it’s a corporate event, a celebration or ceremony, Tipiak has the frozen pâtisserie to help the function go well.

If you’re looking for events catering ideas from Tipiak, browse our ranges here.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve catering with Tipiak

Frozen pâtisserie specialist Tipiak is the perfect partner for Christmas and New Year’s Eve catering.

With the festive season now in full swing, Tipiak offers an authentic range of sweet and savoury ‘thaw and serve’ pâtisserie that’s ideal for parties, receptions, and other events.

Our canapés make superb hors d’oeuvres. Choose from a range of deliciously different ‘thaw and serve’ selections.

The Tipiak Vegan Cocktail Selection is so tasty it will appeal to all, not just your customers with dietary requirements.

The Tipiak Provencal Bistro Canapés Selection features 63 individual pieces that are suitable for vegetarians – but again it’ll go down well with everyone.

We also offer the Traditional Chicago Canapés and the Luxury Temptation Canapés…two stunning collections with delicious flavours that really are a chef’s best friend.

Sweet treats

The Tipiak exquisitely French range also includes ‘thaw and serve’ sweet pâtisserie.

Our French Macarons and our French Pop Macarons Fruits are both certified gluten free – making them suitable for coeliacs and customers who avoid gluten.

We also offer award-winning French Pop Éclairs, plus two petits fours collections…. Classic French Petits Fours and French Chocolate Petits Fours. All are absolutely delicious and look amazing when plated.

If you’re seeking a pop of colour and exquisite flavour for any festive afternoon tea, Tipiak’s sweet pâtisserie is just the ticket.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always a busy time, but Tipiak’s ‘thaw and serve’ sweet and savoury pâtisserie can help make life easier for caterers.

The frozen pâtisserie just needs thawing according to the instructions on the box, before serving to guests. Et voilà!

Our sweet and savoury pâtisserie selections are available to the UK food service market via various key wholesalers. You’ll also find our French Macarons in the frozen aisles at wholesale giant Booker, which has more than 170 sites.

Find out more about the Tipiak frozen pâtisserie range available here.