Tipiak survey reveals essential role of macarons in afternoon tea


More than half of consumers believe that macarons are an essential part of afternoon tea, according to a survey commissioned by French pâtissier Tipiak.

The research, to mark Afternoon Tea Week next month (12th to 18th August 2024), revealed that seven in ten Britons think that macarons are fashionable.

The confectionary favourites are regarded as being in the top four key ingredients that Brits want to see in their afternoon tea, following scones with clotted cream, mini Victoria sponge cakes and ham finger sandwiches.

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak, said: “Macarons are one of the most treasured authentic French sweet treats in the world and we are delighted to see that they are so highly regarded as afternoon tea ingredients in Britain.

“Afternoon tea is a quintessentially British tradition which has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, Mother’s Day or a special anniversary – or just to get together with friends or family for a catch up.

“Afternoon Tea Week is an annual celebration that’s the perfect time for food service operators to pull out all the stops and go to town with their afternoon tea menus, making sure of course that macarons are centre stage! This survey shows just how popular macarons are as an afternoon tea ingredient so don’t forget to include these wonderful products.

“Tipiak offers a range of thaw and serve, gluten-free macarons to the UK food service sector via key wholesalers, including the recently launched heart-shaped macarons, which are ideal for afternoon tea, as well as cake decorations, toppings for shakes and smoothies, and for use as part of a café gourmand.

“All our macarons are made to a traditional recipe and have the added convenience of being available frozen to food service operators so that they can defrost according to demand.”

The survey conducted by Perspectus Global for Tipiak in June 2024, polled 2,000 Britons about their thoughts on macarons and afternoon tea.

Some 53% believe that macarons are an essential part of afternoon tea. Respondents aged 18-29 (63%) and aged 30-44 (64%) were the age groups most likely to say that macarons are essential for afternoon tea – confirming just how popular these darlings are amongst the younger generations.

On average, Britons would eat three macarons in one sitting – rising to four on average for 18-29 year olds.

The survey revealed that Brits would like to see the following as part of afternoon tea served up in a food service setting:

  • Scones with clotted cream (59 percent)
    • Mini Victoria sponge cakes (48 percent)
    • Ham finger sandwiches (42 percent)
    • Macarons (42 percent)
    • Egg and cress finger sandwiches (39 percent)
    • Éclairs (38 percent)
    • Shortbread (35 percent)
    • Miniature quiches or savoury tarts (34 percent)
    • Chocolate-dipped strawberries (34 percent)
    • Mini fruit tartlets (32 percent)

Made in France to traditional recipes, Tipiak’s range of sweet and savoury pâtisserie is available frozen to UK food service operators via key wholesalers.

For more information about the Tipiak range available to the UK food service sector visit www.tipiakfoodservice.co.uk

Tipiak in the news

We have been delighted to see Tipiak in the news so much recently.

Our products have featured in a host of UK food service magazine articles in publications such as The Caterer, Dine Out and Contract Catering.

Back in April, our new heart-shaped, gluten-free macarons came under the spotlight in a focus on cocktails, where they were showcased as an ideal cocktail decoration. You can read it here.

Tipiak had a couple of mentions in April’s Contract Catering magazine. Our gluten-free macarons featured in the muffins, cookies, cakes and donuts feature here, while our allergen fact sheets had a mention in the free-from feature here.   

Also in April, The Caterer ran a feature on vegan and plant-based food, and we were excited to see our vegan cocktail selection of canapés receive a shout out.

Meanwhile in May, Tipiak products were featured in OOH magazine, TUCO magazine and Contract Catering magazine.

You can read the desserts, shakes and ice cream feature in May’s OOH magazine here, and the conference and banqueting feature in TUCO magazine here.

Contract Catering magazine also ran a feature on conference and banqueting in May, and our Tipiak thaw and serve products received some excellent exposure. Take a read of the article here.

Tipiak continues to be in the news as we head into summer. In June’s edition of OOH magazine our allergen factsheets are featured here in a free-from feature, and there’s also a ‘how to…’ piece on creating a macaron tower here. Tips courtesy of Tipiak!

Our allergen awareness factsheets are also featured in the summer edition of Care Home Catering magazine here.

To find out more about our frozen sweet and savoury pâtisserie available to the UK food service and catering sector, browse our ranges on the Tipiak foodservice website.

Our products are available via frozen food distributor Central Foods.

Pâtissier Tipiak introduces heart-shaped macarons to the UK foodservice sector

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Tipiak-Heart-Shaped-Macarons-on-plate-1024x683.jpg

French pâtissier Tipiak has launched its stunning heart-shaped macarons range into the UK food service sector ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Available exclusively via frozen food distributor Central Foods, the heart-shaped macarons selection features ten strawberry and ten chocolate pieces.

And just like Tipiak’s other authentic ‘thaw and serve’ macarons, they are produced in a certified gluten-free area to a traditional French recipe.

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak, said: “We are delighted to be launching our eye-catching Tipiak heart-shaped macarons for food service customers in the UK.

“Macarons are one of the most treasured French desserts in the world and these heart-shaped versions are especially appealing.

“Made in France, they are unique to the UK frozen food service sector and can be served in a whole host of ways to brighten up and romanticise desserts, cakes, and beverage menus. Simply thaw and serve, et voilà!”

Tipiak’s heart-shaped ‘thaw and serve’ macarons are perfect for Valentine’s Day but are also ideal throughout the year for weddings, afternoon teas, as accompaniments to tea and coffee, and for birthdays. They can also be used to decorate cakes or as toppings for shakes and smoothies – bringing a romantic touch to sweet treats.

Made using natural colours from quality ingredients such as beetroot and dark chocolate, each 15g macaron contains just 67 calories. The heart-shaped macarons take two hours to defrost in the fridge, plus a further 15 minutes at room temperature. Keep chilled and consume within 24 hours.

The new heart-shaped macarons join Tipiak’s classic French macarons and French pop macaron fruits selections which are already available to the UK food service sector via key wholesalers.

For more information visit www.tipiakfoodservice.co.uk

Christmas and New Year’s Eve catering with Tipiak

Frozen pâtisserie specialist Tipiak is the perfect partner for Christmas and New Year’s Eve catering.

With the festive season now in full swing, Tipiak offers an authentic range of sweet and savoury ‘thaw and serve’ pâtisserie that’s ideal for parties, receptions, and other events.

Our canapés make superb hors d’oeuvres. Choose from a range of deliciously different ‘thaw and serve’ selections.

The Tipiak Vegan Cocktail Selection is so tasty it will appeal to all, not just your customers with dietary requirements.

The Tipiak Provencal Bistro Canapés Selection features 63 individual pieces that are suitable for vegetarians – but again it’ll go down well with everyone.

We also offer the Traditional Chicago Canapés and the Luxury Temptation Canapés…two stunning collections with delicious flavours that really are a chef’s best friend.

Sweet treats

The Tipiak exquisitely French range also includes ‘thaw and serve’ sweet pâtisserie.

Our French Macarons and our French Pop Macarons Fruits are both certified gluten free – making them suitable for coeliacs and customers who avoid gluten.

We also offer award-winning French Pop Éclairs, plus two petits fours collections…. Classic French Petits Fours and French Chocolate Petits Fours. All are absolutely delicious and look amazing when plated.

If you’re seeking a pop of colour and exquisite flavour for any festive afternoon tea, Tipiak’s sweet pâtisserie is just the ticket.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always a busy time, but Tipiak’s ‘thaw and serve’ sweet and savoury pâtisserie can help make life easier for caterers.

The frozen pâtisserie just needs thawing according to the instructions on the box, before serving to guests. Et voilà!

Our sweet and savoury pâtisserie selections are available to the UK food service market via various key wholesalers. You’ll also find our French Macarons in the frozen aisles at wholesale giant Booker, which has more than 170 sites.

Find out more about the Tipiak frozen pâtisserie range available here.

Garden Centre Catering Awards 2023

Tipiak was delighted to sponsor the Afternoon Tea of the Year Award in the Garden Centre Catering Awards 2023.

Congratulations to St Peter’s Garden Centre near Worcester which took top slot for their afternoon tea.

Other winners were Thetford Garden Centre in Norfolk, which was named Independent Garden Centre Caterer of the Year, Bosworth Garden Centre Company in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, which was Group Garden Centre Caterer of the Year, and Tong Garden Centre Catering in Bradford, which was the winner of the Sustainability Award.

“All award competitions are interesting, but few are as enjoyable as this one, which has offered endless opportunities to spend sunny (and some rainy) days examining – and sampling – the truly imaginative fare that is now the hallmark of so many garden centres,” said Val Hirst, editor of Garden Centre Catering magazine.

“With entries arriving from every size of centre, including the larger chains and the more modestly sized independents and from companies with multiple outlets to those with just two or three, the judges were faced with a plethora of choice at every stage and in every category. 

Award criteria

“Ultimately, we were looking to reward cafés and restaurants where everything came together as part of a cohesive whole.  In the first instance, ambience was important. This meant attractive décor, comfortable seating, pleasing views and good facilities in the way of parking, toilets, highchairs and outdoor eating opportunities. 

“And obviously, the food had to pass muster too.  Extra points were awarded for more adventurous menu options, together with the provision of plant-based and gluten free dishes, perfect presentation and excellent cooking skills. And, needless to say, the warmth of the welcome and the overall efficiency of the catering service were regarded as other vital attributes.

“However, there’s no point in having the perfect venue if no one knows about it, so promotional efforts were also taken into consideration, as was the provision of extra events and services.”

The Garden Centre Catering Awards will return next year, with more details available in Spring 2024.

Tipiak offers a wide range of sweet and savoury pâtisserie for garden centre cafés and restaurants. Take a look at the range here.

Check out more information about the Garden Centre Catering Awards here.

Tipiak macarons launch in Booker frozen aisles

Pâtisserie specialist Tipiak has launched its gluten-free French macarons selection into wholesale giant Booker.

The authentic ‘thaw and serve’ macarons are now available frozen nationwide to food service operators and retailers via more than 170 sites operated by Booker.

It is the first time that Tipiak-branded macarons have been available direct to retailers and businesses in the UK.

Certified gluten free by the French Association of Gluten Intolerance (AFDIAG), each case of the French macarons features 36 individual pieces in six different flavours – lemon, caramel, vanilla, raspberry, chocolate and pistachio.

Thaw in a fridge for one hour plus 15 minutes at room temperature before serving.

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak, said: “We are delighted that our authentic, thaw and serve French macarons are now available to customers via Booker. Our sweet and savoury pâtisserie products have been available to the UK food service sector for many years but in partnering with Booker, we are making our Tipiak-branded French macarons available to the UK retail and business market for the first time.”

Made in France – the home of the macaron – the French macarons are packaged in eye-catching colourful window boxes and are ideal for both retail and food service.

In food service, they can be served as accompaniments to tea or coffee, as part of an afternoon tea or café gourmand, or as decorations and toppings for desserts, ice cream and shakes. A macaron tower makes a show-stopping centrepiece for any buffet, wedding, or event.

Based in France, Tipiak is a well-established business operating in the food sector since 1962, offering pâtisserie, party food, crusty bread, dry grocery products and frozen ready meals.

Pâtissier Tipiak introduces free allergen fact sheets for UK foodservice sector

French pâtissier Tipiak has introduced free allergen fact sheets on all products sold to the UK foodservice sector to help make life easier for food professionals.

The fact sheets, which can be downloaded from the Tipiak Food Service website, list the allergens of each product and are suitable for both behind-the-scenes and front-of-house staff.

They have been created to provide essential information for food service professionals to help them keep their customers with food allergies safe.

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak, said: “It is important to manage allergens effectively to ensure the safety of customers with food allergies. Our allergen fact sheets supply our food service customers with crucial information, which in turn can be used to provide their own customers with reassurance when it comes to allergens.

“Tipiak is a leading producer of ‘thaw and serve’ authentic French pâtisserie and our aim is to make life easier for hospitality professionals. Now we have gone one step further in supporting our customers by providing these allergen fact sheets that can be downloaded, laminated if required, and then re-used whenever Tipiak products are served.”

Tipiak supplies frozen authentic French sweet and savoury pâtisserie to the hospitality sector in the UK, including canapés, petits fours, pop éclairs and gluten-free macarons. Its products are available through key wholesalers.

The new allergen fact sheets can be downloaded from www.TipiakFoodService.co.uk and then laminated if preferred.

Tipiak sponsors Afternoon Tea of the Year Award

Pâtisserie specialist Tipiak is sponsoring the Afternoon Tea of the Year Award at the Garden Centre Catering Awards 2023.

The awards are run by Garden Centre Catering magazine and are open to all garden centres and nurseries in the UK with a food and drink offering.

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, Tipiak’s international development project manager, said: “Tipiak specialises in supplying frozen, authentic sweet and savoury pâtisserie to the hospitality sector in the UK.

“Our exquisitely French ‘thaw and serve’ macarons, petits fours, pop éclairs and canapés are the ideal ingredients for afternoon tea. They simply need thawing before serving – helping garden centres, farm shops, hotels and other venues to easily offer delicious French pâtisserie.

“Afternoon tea has become a popular occasion, as a celebration or for customers wanting to treat themselves. As such, we know that many garden centres offer a super afternoon tea selection.

“We are excited that Tipiak is the sponsor of the Afternoon Tea of the Year Award and look forward to being involved in the event.”


As well as Afternoon Tea of the Year, the awards are also looking to reward the Independent Garden Centre Caterer of the Year and the Garden Centre Catering Group of the Year. A Sustainability Award is also available.

“This is the chance for garden centre catering operators to put themselves forward to get well-deserved recognition,” said Bryony Reid, editor of Garden Centre Catering. “Each category has a chance to acknowledge the effort from catering groups as well as caterers either new to the industry or not as well-known.”

The Garden Centre Catering Awards are free to enter for both independent garden centres and group garden centres.

Visit https://www.gardencentrecateringawards.co.uk/ for more details and to enter.

Nominations close on 1st September 2023.

To browse the selection of authentic afternoon tea ‘thaw and serve’ products offered by Tipiak to the UK food service sector, click here.

Christmas catering made easy with Tipiak

We’ve now reached that time of year when it’s full steam ahead for Christmas planning!

Whether you’re catering for a buffet, reception, party or some other festive event, Tipiak can make things easier.

And you’ll find that Tipiak’s exquisitely French sweet and savoury pâtisserie is the perfect partner when it comes to catering for a winter wedding too.

Check out our authentic range of canapés and our delicious pop éclairs, petits fours and gluten-free macarons.

Simply thaw and serve to treat your guests to mouth-watering morsels at this special time of year.


Our savoury range of pre-prepared frozen canapés includes Traditional Chicago Style Canapés, Provencal Bistro Canapés and our Vegan Cocktail Selection.

Featuring 48 individual pieces, the Traditional Chicago Style Canapés selection includes eight different flavours. It takes just three hours to thaw in the fridge.

Our Tipiak Provencal Bistro Canapés selection is suitable for vegetarians, and contains 63 individual pieces in seven different flavours.

While our newest range – the Vegan Cocktail Selection – is a delicious collection of seven different plant-based flavours. They taste so delicious that they’re sure to be popular with all guests…not just those with dietary requirements.

Serve our canapés at drinks receptions, as hors d’oeuvres or as part of a selection of tapas treats. It’s the easy way to serve a taste of France this festive season!

When it comes to the sweet side of things, Tipiak offers a super selection. Try our award-winning Pop Éclairs, French Petits Fours, French Chocolate Petits Fours, Pop Macaron Fruits and French Macarons.

Available to the UK foodservice sector via key wholesalers, our sweet treats can be served at a variety of Christmas occasions.

Try them in a festive afternoon tea, as an accompaniment to coffee, as part of a trio of delicious desserts or to round off a meal.

What’s more, our macarons are gluten free – meaning they are suitable for your coeliac guests and those who avoid gluten out of choice.

Christmas is coming! Prepare now by ordering your sweet and savoury ‘thaw and serve’ pâtisserie from Tipiak…your professional partner in the kitchen.


Tipiak showcases thaw and serve pâtisserie at TUCO Conference

French pâtissier Tipiak will be showcasing its new luxury Vegan Cocktail Selection and turning the spotlight on its ‘thaw and serve’ gluten-free macarons at the TUCO conference this month.

The event takes place at Keele University from 25th to 27th July and is a key date on the calendar for university caterers.

Launched in response to increasing demand for plant-based products, Tipiak’s Vegan Cocktail Selection features an exquisite range of attractive bite-sized vegan-friendly pieces.

It’s a range that’s so tasty it will impress all guests, not just those on a plant-based diet!

The unique finger food assortment includes almond cream and edamame bean on pea and mint muffins, carrot, lemon and ginger mousseline mini tarts, cucumber hummus on courgette shortbread, sun-dried cherry tomato and olive tapenade on curry polenta cubes, guacamole and almond on walnut crackers, piquillo and sweet pepper tomato tarts, and falafel bites topped with sesame seeds.

Exquisitely French

Produced and hand-finished in France, Tipiak’s ‘thaw and serve’ products are perfect for university caterers to serve at a range of events from functions and banquets to graduations and conferences.

Serve the savoury morsels with aperitifs or as hors d’oeuvres or canapés to bring some French chic to the occasion! And brighten up any buffet or event with Tipiak’s award-winning pop éclairs and the delightful gluten-free macarons and pop macaron fruits.

Using frozen pre-prepared sweet and savoury pâtisserie helps with long-term planning and frees up staff on the day to prep other parts of the meal. It’s convenient, helps to reduce waste and is also useful when it comes to sharing allergen information with front-of-house staff, as the ingredients for each item are constant and clearly labelled.

The Tipiak range is available frozen exclusively via distributor Central Foods.

Find out more about Tipiak’s exquisitely French ‘thaw and serve’ products on stand 167 at the TUCO conference.

Conference details here.