Tipiak macarons the perfect ingredient for a Café Gourmand

As the weather turns colder, one way to entice shoppers into your café is by serving a hot drink with a mini sweet treat.

Tipiak macarons are the perfect ingredient for a Café Gourmand – a stylish way to serve a hot beverage.

A coffee usually served with a selection of three petits fours, Café Gourmand offers a chic alternative to a coffee and a piece of cake.

Choose Tipiak’s gluten-free macarons as one of the sweet treats. We have a range of flavours to suit all tastes.

Our French macarons selection features lemon, caramel, vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, and pistachio flavours. Meanwhile, we have blackcurrant, lemon and yuzu, apricot, cherry, passionfruit and mango, and coconut in the Tipiak French pop macarons fruits range.

Macarons are the darlings of the pâtisserie world. With their attractive pastel colours and crisp shells, they are super popular. And, of course, they are pretty as a picture…which means they are perfect for those all-important social media posts!

Gluten free

Tipiak’s authentic French macarons are certified gluten-free by the French Association of Gluten Intolerance (AFDIAG). Available frozen to the UK food service sector via key wholesalers, they simply need thawing before serving.

Team Tipiak’s macarons with a couple of additional sweet treats such as a mini crème brûlée and a chocolate brownie. Or why not take a look at Tipiak’s petits fours range for inspiration here?  We also offer award-winning pop éclairs, French chocolate petits fours and French classic petits fours to the UK foodservice sector. All are available frozen for maximum convenience to caterers.

Café Gourmand – which translates to gourmet coffee – is served all over France. Why not introduce it to your café or venue in the UK to create a little French chic? It’s sure to enhance your beverage menu and wow your customers.

Tipiak macarons – not just for Afternoon Tea!

Keen to increase your dessert sales? Need ideas to create simple but eye-catching desserts with the wow factor? How about decorating your cakes and desserts using Tipiak macarons?

With a macaron selection that features a range of delicious flavours and delicate colours, there’s a macaron to suit all your dessert decorating occasions.

Whether it’s a birthday cake, wedding cake, baby shower cake, christening cake, an Easter cake or sweet treat for some other occasion, Tipiak macarons make the perfect finishing touch.

What’s more, Tipiak’s macarons are gluten free, so they are suitable for coeliacs.

Macarons are currently the darlings of the pâtisserie world. Social media, especially Instagram, has helped a whole new generation to discover these dainty delights. With their pretty pastel colours, they can add a touch of French chic when used to decorate desserts.

The Tipiak macarons available to the UK foodservice sector include the French macarons selection and the French pop macarons fruits selection. Take a look at the delicious flavours in each range here.


Tipiak’s authentic macarons offer the ultimate in convenience. Simply thaw and serve to bring a touch of classic French flair to the table.

Professional caterers love how simple they are to prepare and serve.

Tipiak’s frozen macarons are ideal cake decorations. Keep some in the freezer so that you’ll always have eye-catching toppings and decorations for cakes and desserts.

They take just one hour to thaw in a fridge, plus 15 minutes at room temperature.

Tricky to make from scratch, especially consistently sized, the thaw and serve macaron options are the ultimate in convenience. Tipiak’s authentic macarons are made in France with more ground almonds and less sugar than many macarons, so they are less brittle. This means they are easier to attach as cake decorations and toppings.

Decorate cakes using Tipiak macarons and you’ll be sure to create super stylish designs.

Tipiak’s thaw and serve macarons are available to the UK foodservice sector via frozen food wholesalers nationwide.


Get ready to celebrate macarons with Tipiak

Here at Tipiak, we’ve got just the range to help food service operators get ready for Macaron Day this month and International Macaron Day in April.

Taking place on 20th March and 23rd April respectively, these dates are the chance for everyone around the world to celebrate and enjoy the delicious little beauties known as macarons.

The darlings of desserts, a perfect pairing with coffee and a key ingredient in any afternoon tea, macarons are available in a super selection of flavours.

Tipiak offers two different ‘thaw and serve’ selections to the UK food service sector. And both are gluten free, making them suitable for coeliacs.

Try the French Macarons or the French Pop Macarons Fruits. Visually stunning, they taste amazing. Simply thaw before serving. This makes them super convenient for the food service sector.

As an authentic French pâtissier, Tipiak has decades of experience when it comes to making macarons.

We’ve developed macarons in all sorts of flavours and with a variety of superb fillings and toppings.

Current range of macarons

Our current range of macarons available to the UK food service sector includes mouth-watering flavours such as blackcurrant, pistachio, apricot and caramel. Take a look at the ranges here.

We’ve also got a recipe for a deliciously simple dessert…. French macarons and coulis. Head over to our serving suggestions page for inspiration.

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé is international development project manager at Tipiak, which supplies frozen, authentic French sweet and savoury pâtisserie to the hospitality sector in the UK. And she said: “Macarons are the darlings of social media, with more than 8 million posts on Instagram alone.

“We hope our customers will get ready to celebrate macarons with Tipiak on Macaron Day and International Macaron Day. We’re really looking forward to marking these dates on the calendar.”

Available through Tipiak’s UK food service distributor, Central Foods, our macarons are the ‘real deal’ – made in France from good quality ingredients.